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The Market sure isn’t what it used to be

It’s our hope to provide you with some laughs now and then. Our latest effort is publishing cartoons of the “watercooler talk” in the alternatives space.

Let us know what you think!

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Weekend Reads: Liquidity Fear

When Correlations Go to One – (A Wealth of Common Sense)

A rollicking week in the markets is really a chance to clean up your act – (Barry Ritholtz)

China’s Missteps Tarnish A Reputation For Economic Management – (NPR)

JP Morgan blames CTAs for markets volatility (eye roll) – (Barrons)

Flash crashes create liquidity fear – (Lakewood Views)

Mind the Gap: Assessing Labor Market Slack – (Liberty Street Economics)

Public Transit Should Be Uber’s New Best Friend – (FiveThirtyEight)

Just for Fun:

Reuters Employees Bombarded With Reply-All Email Catastrophe – (WSJ)

Agricultural giant Monsanto drops bid for competitor after $47bn offer rejected – (The Guardian)

Nate Silver on Election Forecasting – (Bloomberg View)

1 Billion People Visited Facebook on Monday – (Slate)

Weekend Reads: Rankings, Bears, and Science

End of the Bull:

Is the Bull Dead? – (Barry Ritholtz)

Managed Futures:

Semi-Annual Managed Futures Rankings – (RCM Alternatives)

MF Global:

Judge Paves Way for Nearly Full Recoveries for MF Global Brokerage Creditors – (Wall Street Journal)

Just for Fun:

Science isn’t Broken – (Five Thirty Eight)

This 1977 Chicago Tourism Video Is The Most ’70s Thing Ever – (DNAinfo)

Digital Marketing Transit Map – (Gartner)

Post-Katrina New Orleans Smaller, But Population Growth Rates Back On Track – (NPR)

Thousands call for Jon Stewart to moderate debate – (The Hill)

The Late, Great Stephen Colbert – (GQ)


Alternative Links: Facts and Fantasies



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The Danger in “Debalancing” – (Research Affiliates)

A Portfolio is not a Plan – (Reformed Broker)

Protecting Your Tail: The Only Thing an Investor Should Not Fail To Do — (Nassim Taleb)

Futures Markets:

The 5 worst Crude Declines in History – (Charlie Bilello)

China is the Fuse That Could Set Off a US Dollar Time Bomb – (Mercenary Trader)

Pork Belly (No Longer a Futures Contract) Prices Sizzle – (Bloomberg)

Corn Prices Are Getting Crushed After the USDA Unexpectedly Raises Crop Forecasts – (Bloomberg)


Newedge: Managed futures start second half of 2015 with strong performance – (Automated Trader)

Managed Futures Mutual Fund Performance YTD – (MorningStar)

Distressed Funds Down for the count – (Hedge Fund Intelligence)


CME Group cuts 3 percent of employees in another round of reductions – (Reuters)