Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads

  • ICE Unveils Details of Plans to Combine London Futures Exchanges – (Wall Street Journal)
  • Brakes on High-Speed Futures Trades Would Do Harm, Industry Says – (Business Week)
  • Has the Dollar Really Lost 97 Percent of Its Value? – (Barry Ritholtz)
  • A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Jason Zweig about Investing – (25IQ)
  • Hazards that could derail the rally in 2014 – (John Authers)
  • Marty Schwartz (“Pit Bull”, trader) speaks at Amherst College (Finance Trend Matter)

Just for Fun:

  • Metaphorical overload. Black swans go surfing. (No, I’m serious. Watch) – (Youtube)
  • Airline Pulls Amazing Christmas Stunt on Passengers – (Unlooker)
  • How our words and methods of Communication affect us – (TED)
  • Michigan hunter survives 7 days in Alaska wilds – (Detroit News)
  • For First Time in 20 Years, Cold Records May Beat Warm Records in U.S. – (The Weather Channel)
  • US National U-18 team to wear Darth Vader ‘Star Wars’ jerseys – (CBS News)

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