5 “other” All Time Highs

Is it just us or does all this coverage of the stock market indices at all time highs remind you of the 1983 Bond movie Octopussy theme song “All Time High.” Maybe we just have a thing for cheesy 80’s music videos (or Bond… or that movie title), but the All Time Highs phrase has become a broken record that past couple of months.

Which got us to thinking of all the other things that are all time highs currently (besides the number of Attain employee children, collective age and weight in our office, etc), some having to do with the stock market, some decidedly not so…

5 other areas where products/usage/items are at all time highs.

1. U.S. National Debt: $17.1 Trillion

National Debt

2. Phone Subscriptions: 2.1 Billion Subscribers

Phone Usage

3. Total Assets in the Federal Reserve: $3.90 Trillion

Total Asset Fed Reserve

4. Number of Active Twitter Users: 218 Million Users

Active Twitter Users
Chart Courtesy: Statista

5. Bike Sharing Programs in the U.S.:  22 (36,000 thousand bikes)

Bike sharing Programs

6.  Number of Bakken Oil Wells: 6,447 Wells

Oil Production

7. Food Stamp Participation:  47.5 Million people

Food Stamps

And some we couldn’t find charts for:

Foreign students in US colleges
Med school applicants
# of Mormon missionaries
Online Video Consumption


Duck Dynasty Ratings

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