Managed Futures Linkfest

  • CME Group hikes transaction fees for 2014 – (Reuters)
  • Challenges Await Commodity Futures Trading Commission Pick – (Wall Street Journal)
  • Did CFTC Cherry Pick Actions to Justify Rule? – (Dan Collins Report)
  • Recollecting the false messiah of peak oil – (FT Alphaville)
  • The Chicago Board of Trade: 165 Years of American Ag Capitalism – (Modern Farmer)
  • ‘Future’ part crucial to managed futures – (Investment News)
  • Ag Economy; Biotech; CFTC; Farm Bill; Immigration; and, Regulations – (Farm Policy)
  • Armajaro selling loss-making commodity trade arm to Ecom – (Reuters)
  • Still Dangerous – (New York Times)

What you might have missed on Attain’s Managed Futures Blog:

  • 4 Charts that have everything and nothing to do with Crude Oil Speculation (Attain)

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