5 better names for Ritholtz/Brown’s new RIA firm

Anyone who spends time on this blog, or anywhere in the financial blogosphere/twitterverse/internet for that matter, has seen master Blogger/Tweeters Barry Ritholtz of the Big Picture blog and Josh Brown of the Reformed Broker blog mentioned quite a few times.

We provided Barry with some data he was looking for on gap opens in the S&P, talked about Josh Brown’s book, and agreed with his ideologies towards avoiding retail forex;  and just to prove we don’t work for them – even did a mini call out of Barry in a recent post where he equated long only commodities with managed futures (they aren’t the same, Barry!).

They are the best of the best in our opinion when it comes to financial markets blogging and tweeting and calling it how it is, and their take no prisoners/challenge authority/fight the establishment styles helped shape the voice for our blog over the years, as we learned that it’s a whole lot easier (and more fun) to author a blog when you have something to say – even if its controversial or not in line with the industry playbook.

So we took note when they shared the news yesterday that they were starting their own Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm named Ritholtz Wealth Management, and wish them the best of success. We’ll be calling on them to discuss how the (non front loaded, non over fee charged, in the client’s best interest) managed futures products we’re involved with fit into their client portfolios, to be sure.  But before we get to the business side of things… with two such creative guys – is that really the best name they could come up with?

We had a few more colorful suggestions for their combined firm’s name:

  • Downtown Barry Brown Investments
  • Long Island Leverage LP
  • You’re doing it (Social Media, Investments, Whatever) Wrong Wealth Mgmt.
  • Cold Fusion Analytics
  • Reformed Picture Advisors (better than the opposite mashup, “The Big Broker”) 

And some company slogans:

  • “I like cars, he likes old school rap – let’s talk retirement”
  • “The Big Picture, in 140 characters or less”
  • “You hate Wall St. + Wall St. hates us = you’ll like us”
  • “We made Twitter worth Billions and all we got was this lousy RIA”

What do you think the new firm should be named?  Tweet it: #RitholtzBrownRIAnames

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