Weekend Reads

You know it’s been an interesting week when Russian President Vladimir Putin suggests the idea that could potentially save America from its own foreign policy problems regarding Syria. Even though this predicament is far from over, it appears the climate surrounding the situation has cooled down.

In the managed futures world, there was a drop off in metals (Silver down 8%, Gold down 5.4%, Platinum down 3.4%, Copper down 1.6%) (past performance is not necessarily indicative of futures results). Attain Capital did get some press this week that we can’t resist mentioning, with Jeff Eizenberg quoted in an article on the supposed ‘death of managed futures’. It just so happens to be the first article on our weekend reads. See for yourself.

  • Addressing the Fable of the Death of Managed Futures – (Hedge Funds Insight)
  • Number of Trading Days with Market Moves >2% — (Stock Twits)
  • Corn Extends Decline to Near 4-Week Low on USDA Forecast – (Bloomberg)
  • Derivatives Would Face Transaction Fees Under Obama Proposal – (Bloomberg)
  • U.S. exchanges to create kill switches following Nasdaq outage – (Reuters)
  • The One Tip You Need To Invest In The Twitter IPO – (Slate)

Just for Fun

  • 22 Reasons Why Being A Chicago Bears Fan Is The Worst Love-Hate Relationship Of Your Life – (Buzzfeed)
  • Funny Or Die’s ‘Newsroom’ Spoof Nails Everything That’s Wrong With Aaron Sorkin’s Show (Huffington Post)
  • NASA’s Voyager 1 Probe Reaches Milestone – (Wall Street Journal)

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