Chicago: Home of Futures Industry welcomes Conferences

The fall weather showed up today in the Windy City, reminding us that the two September industry events in Chicago are right around the corner:


CTA Expo




Next week, the NIBA conference kicks off Wednesday, September 18th, followed by the CTA Expo, on the 19th. Futures brokers looking to catch up on the latest regulations, CTA managers looking to raise money, vendors like lawyers and auditors, and everyone in between will be there – and naturally, the Attain team will be at both events as well as meeting with several managers in our offices. In addition, Attain’s CEO, Jeff Malec, is on a panel at the NIBA speaking on his role as the IB rep on the NFA Board of Directors.

Personally, our favorite part of the CTA Expo is the CTA breakout rooms, which give emerging CTA’s 30 minutes to tell investors face to face in the same room – about their investment philosophy, risk management, return profile, and more. That’s something you don’t get every day. The most recent addition to the CTA Expo is service providers like auditors, lawyers, technology, and more that can present their offerings to CTA’s and allocators.

Meanwhile, over at the NIBA conference, the focus is more on the futures broker, and how they can stay compliant with regulations, market themselves, and more. As a reminder, the NIBA morning events are at the CBOE, and afternoon events are the CME Group building.

We would love to talk to you if you’re coming into town for either conference:

  • If you are a CTA coming to the CTA Expo – click here to schedule a quick 30 minute meeting next week with a member of Attain’s team to see how Attain can help your CTA grow through its marketing efforts, vendor partners, clearing relationships, order entry software, and more.
  • If you are a broker coming to the NIBA, we would love to talk to too, and discuss and give you a demo of the two broker-neutral products we’re involved in through a partnership: the mobile trading app (soon to be available to all CQG users) and automated trading system platform: Click here to schedule a quick 30 minute meeting next week with Attain’s President Walter Gallwas.

In the meantime, here’s the agendas for next week – we look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

 CTA Expo Agenda:

CTA Expo 2


NIBA Morning

NIBA Afternoon

NIBA Afternoon 2

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