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As we head into this holiday weekend commemorating our labor force, with friends, family, and barbeques, all eyes and ears are on Syria. Today, Secretary of State John Kerry announced there is sufficient evidence that a chemical weapons attack killed just fewer than 1,500 people (426 of those children), as the world anxiously awaits for how the U.S. will respond to these actions.

From a managed futures standpoint, the attention turned to Crude Oil. If you happened to watch either of Kerry’s two speeches this week, CNBC had a live tracker of Crude Oil futures as the speeches were given. Even though investors are concerned over the implications of the liquid gold, Crude Oil only made a small weekly gain of 1.3% (past performance is not necessarily indicative to future results.)

As we watch and wait, here are some weekend reads to fill some time.

  •  Syria chemical weapons attack killed 1,429, says John Kerry – (BBC)
  • High-frequency trading does not raise futures volatility –study – (Reuters)
  • Emerging markets risk tipping into a ‘negative feedback loop’ — (MarketWatch)
  • Stock’s & Bond’s effect from QEs — (Stock Twits)

Just for Fun

  • Another ‘Grand Canyon’ Discovered Beneath Greenland’s Ice – (NPR)
  • 19 Haunting Photos From The Golden Days Of The Texas Oil Boom – (Business Insider)
  • 27 Reasons It’s The Greatest Time To Be Alive — (Buzz Feed)

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