Finviz: We Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Dear Finviz,

Whenever we need a quick glimpse of the futures markets, we know we can count on you. We use your percent change numbers, heat map style, daily/weekly charts, and day/week/month/ytd all market performance bar charts regularly to illustrate our analysis (see here and here, and here). In short, we love what you offer… (we even go to the stock section from time to time).

Finviz Chart

(Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative to future results)
Chart Courtesy: Finviz. com 

But as we’ve mentioned (here, and here), the futures side needs some work. Let’s take Pork Bellies, for instance. That contract is dead.  Not just figuratively. It is literally dead after the CME announced it was delisting Pork Bellies Futures….(wait for it)…. LAST YEAR!.

This chart has been sitting up there for more than a year, showing where the Bellies went out… talk about flat-lining.

Pork Bellies

(Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative to future results)
Chart Courtesy: Finviz. com 

More importantly, Finviz, you’re also missing some of the most heavily traded contracts in the world, by only displaying two Bond futures markets. What about EuroDollars, Five Yrs, 2yrs, EuroBunds, and more? And how about some love for foreign stock indices… We’re talking EuroStoxx, Dax, FTSE. And all of us who trade RBOB Gasoline futures or KC Wheat feel a little left out too.

You’ve obviously figured out how to capture and display this data in a sleek, easy to understand format – and it looks like you’ve figured out how to monetize it (we see the advertisers paying to display on the page). Now we just need to work on making sure the right data is up there. Don’t get us wrong, the futures quote page is great, but it could be so much better – so much more widely utilized by futures traders with a new design. Let’s get you some more pageviews (and ad dollars) with more (and better) futures markets!

If we can be so bold – we’ve come up with an alternative layout which would do just the thing. What do you think about adding these new markets and adjusting the layout! This user, for one – would be an even more loyal fan!

New Finviz Layout

PS – while we’re asking, would love to see you guys figure out how to better incorporate rolls when showing percentage change from the past period. (this is especially a problem in the meats).


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