Weekend Reads

This week’s theme in news revolved all around animals… People crowded around whatever device was near to watch the Discovery Channel’s famous, “Shark Week.” Speaking of sharks, did you know a two foot shark was found on the NYC subway? If that wasn’t enough, a bear was caught on camera on a jet ski. In the world of managed futures, there were no bull or bears to be had, but we decided to go with the theme, with a post about cows and the New Zealand Dollar. What animal will make the next headline? Until then, here are some weekend reads.

  • First Job of Finance Gurus – (Reuters)
  • Are Stock Indices Too High? – (Futures Magazine)
  • Hedge Funds Make Record Bearish Corn Bets on Supply: Commodities (Bloomberg)
  • The Sublime of the Ridiculous – (FAZ)
  • The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer – (Youtube)

Just for Fun

  • Things Only Star Wars Fans Will Find Funny – (BuzzFeed)
  • How Much Would it Cost to be Batman (Mashable)


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