Managed Futures, Matt Damon, & and the Extra Mortgage Payment


Managed Futures, in Esquire Magazine… We checked out the window to see if pigs were flying, but it’s real. Esquire rolled out their August 2013 edition, with a “Your Financial Milestones” article, and put Managed Futures right up alongside such sound financial advice as ‘Erase Credit Card Debt’ and ‘Make an Extra Mortgage Payment each Year’.

They arrange the ‘advice’ by age and amount of money you make, bringing managed futures into the conversation when you are over 50 and (red dot) make lots of money.

Photo Courtesy:  Esquire Magazine

While we would love to believe that years worth of dedication to our daily blog led to this, we’re smiling just knowing that managed futures is in a magazine with Matt Damon on the cover!  And whomever is doing the editing over there also did a rather nice job of summing up managed futures – “a way to make targeted investments in commodities’ – instead of fumbling over hedge fund comparisons and the like.

Overall, the article provides sound advice for investments for the different stages in your life. A big thumps up to Esquire for giving the often ignored managed futures a shout out.

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