PFGBest One Year Anniversary Linkfest:

Not all anniversaries are pleasant. Today is one of those days in the futures industry, marking the 1 year anniversary since the PFG scandal was exposed to the world.  We have fought tooth and nail on behalf of customers to recover funds, repair the regulatory landscape, and more over the past year (with work still to be done), and thank all those who have stood by us during that time. For all those who like to slow down and look at car crashes on the other side of the highway – here’s a linkfest with the bulk of our coverage of the PFG fraud over the past year. For those who don’t like guts and gore, turn away:

PFG Broken Promises, Shattered Trust

PFGBest Update: Interpreting the Distribution Motion

PFGBest- The Movie

Owning a Slice of PFGBest

PFGBest Update: Justice Delivered

PFGBest Update: What’s at Stake in the FX and Metals Case

PFGBest Update: Recovery Scenarios/Percentages

PFGBest Update: Special IRS ruling on PFG Losses

PFGBest Update: Trustee is Being Paid too Much

CFTC Sues US Bank over PFG Fraud

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