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It’s been an extremely busy week for managed futures, Chicago, and the nation. As if anyone could forget, the history of hockey was changed forever when the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Bruins in Boston, scoring two goals in 17 seconds in the third period Monday night.

In the past couple of days, The Supreme Court made three major rulings on Affirmative Action, Gay Marriage, and The Fifth Amendment.  To finish off the week, an actress on AMC’s famous show,  “The Walking  Dead” was arrested for sending poisonous letters to President Obama. (We’ll leave commentary for all of that to the public.) We’re sticking to the things we know, managed futures.  This week, the CFTC officially indicted former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine in a civil suit after the company used customer money to pay off loses. As for the Blackhawks, If you’re not out in the massive crowds celebrating the Blackhawks victory today, (Here’s a view from our office), or need to recover tomorrow, here are some weekend reads:

Just For Fun –

  • Apparently This Matters: Tallest, fastest looping roller coaster – (CNN)
  • GE announces appliances for millennials (Washington Post)

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