Managed Futures Spotlight: Briarwood Capital Management, Inc.

Our weekly newsletter is out, and it’s been a week since we released our semi-annual CTA rankings, which means it’s time for us to spotlight one of our top ranked managers. Since we already highlighted Newport Capital Management when they sat perched atop the rankings at the beginning of the year, we decided to put the focus on the #2 ranked Briarwood Capital Management.

They aren’t what you might expect out of a top-ranked CTA (and neither was Newport). Their program was not developed to rake in 30%+ returns on a monthly basis. They do not have a slew of computer programmers from MIT on their staff. They aren’t a Winton or a Transtrend in terms of AUM.

No, Briarwood does not fit the mold of a typical managed futures superstar, but that may be exactly why they’ve got our attention. From a refreshing perspective on program creation to a no frills approach to trading, Briarwood  has their ducks in a row, and offers, in our opinion, a solid opportunity for those looking for a trend following addition to their portfolio. Check out our newsletter for all the details.

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