Weekend Reads

Olympic frenzy was in full swing this week, but there were plenty of other stories we were keeping an eye on. Between the congressional hearings on the PFGBest disaster, the Knight trading fiasco, and the risk-on rally that capped off the week, the news that didn’t involve any gold, silver, or bronze medals was just as enthralling. The dog days of summer are in full swing – so for now we’ll be trying to stay cool with our weekend reads.

  • Felix Salmon argues that today’s jobs report doesn’t really matter… just like all the rest of them (Reuters)
  • A great recap of July’s record-setting action in the grain futures markets (The Futures Room)
  • Who’s really going to feel the pain of the drought? In part, insurers (Wall St. Journal)
  • LIBOR litigation is just gearing up, and it could be huge (Businessweek)
  • MF Global trustees differ on how much customers will reclaim (NYT Dealbook)

And just for fun…

  • An automated trading program that’s irrational and superstitious? Umm… Thanks? (Wall St. Journal)
  • Curiosity will be landing on Mars this weekend, and everyone at NASA will be holding their breath (Washington Post)

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