Weekend Reads

The crisis in Europe has reached the boiling point, for what must be the sixth or seventh time now. Frankly, this mess has been going on so long that we’re starting to get tired of talking about Euro-crisis fatigue. However, the Greek elections this weekend could be the beginning of the end… whatever that end may be. We’re not holding our breath, but we’re sure there will be plenty of coverage over the weekend to keep the news-junkies supplied. If you’re looking for something else to mix with your Greek election news, we have just the thing:

  • The Hong Kong Exchange just bought the London Metal Exchange (Futures Magazine)
  • What bond yields say about growth expectations (BusinessWeek)
  • The central bank rumor that sent traders scurrying (Reformed Broker)
  • The scariest part of Dimon’s Senate testimony (CNBC)
In managed futures news…
  • Clarke Capital undergoing some management changes (Sacramento Bee)
  • Millburn to bring daily liquidity to its Multi-Markets Index Fund (PRWeb)
  • Managed money nears 2-year low in corn exposure (CNBC)
  • Emil Van Essen wins two Pinnacle Awards (BusinessWire)

And just for fun…

  • Gauging the health of the economy through men’s underwear and waitress attractiveness (Fiscal Times)
  • Will Tetris adapt to the world of the touchscreen? (The Verge)

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