Spread Trading – The Uncommon Spreads

Last week we ran down some of the most common spreads traded in the futures industry. Talking about the nicknames assigned to certain spreads (crack, crush, etc) put us in a creative mood, so we wondered what other spreads might be nicknamed if they were commonly traded on the exchange. Here are some of the best ones we came up with:

Orange Juice/Pork Bellies = The Denny’s Spread

Platinum/Palladium = The Catalytic Spread

Wheat/Corn = The Keebler Elf Spread

Cocoa/Sugar = The Swiss Miss Spread

Live Cattle/Lean Hogs = The Fogo De Chao Spread

Gold/Silver = The Jewelry Spread

USD/GBP = The Revolutionary Spread

Feeder Cattle/Live Cattle = The “Where’s the Beef?” Spread

Lean Hogs/Pork Bellies = Yummm, Bacon Spread

Nasdaq/Nikkei = The “Whose Drawdown is Bigger?” Spread

Coffee/Milk = The Starbucks Spread

Have any clever spread name ideas of your own?  Be sure to send them our way.

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