Weekend Reads

This week was hotter than usual – unseasonably warm in Chicago, unexpectedly warm iPads, and a few days of hot potato in the markets, most of which took a mid-week beating before bouncing back today. Now that Greece’s 2nd bailout is behind us, Italy and Spain are the new Eurozone fear-generators du jour, while gas prices take center stage in the domestic economic conversation. Here’s what we’re reading headed into the weekend:

  • Corzine allegedly ordered transfer of customer funds to JP Morgan (Bloomberg)
  • Joe Weisenthal on the best economics website around: FRED (Business Insider)
  • The CME on Managing Risk (Youtube)
  • Facebook steps up to defend users from prying bosses, colleges (TNW)
  • Bridgewater bigwig Ray Dalio explains his take on deleveraging (Market Folly)

And just for fun:


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