Weekend Reads

As the cycle of relief and despair over Greece winds relentlessly on, it’s getting hard to remember what financial reporters used to attribute every day’s market moves to. However, the world marches on, and there are, in fact, stories that are not about Greek debt or the price of oil. Here are some we’re reading as we head into the weekend.

  • Ever wonder where all of the nuclear plants in the US are? Wonder no more. (Reuters)
  • Great interview with one of our favorite bloggers, Josh Brown, about his upcoming book. (AdvisorOne)
  • The title says it all: “Dear Investors: Prepare For The Market To Rip Out Your Hope, And Consume It In Front Of Your Eyes” (Business Insider)
  • Looking at the recession as economic time travel. (The Economist)

And just for fun:

  • A painter who creates a work of art in less than 8 minutes. (Youtube)

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