Weekend Reads

Another week gone by and everyone seems to be in the Valentine’s spirit – still loving the 2012 bull rally. Gas prices are up, Europe continues being Europe, and QE3 is still the question mark on the horizon… But here’s what we’re reading heading into the weekend:

  • Talk about printing money – Italian prosecutors seize $6 trillion in fake US bonds. (BBC)
  • Everyone’s still wringing hands about the job market – it may be getting better, but how quickly is it getting better? (The Big Picture)
  • Thoughts on the rise of the Yuan – don’t expect it to take the place of the greenback any time soon. (BusinessWeek)
  • S&P’s “most-hated” stocks exceeded expectations in 2011. (Bloomberg)
  • The payroll tax cut passes, but not from lack of partisan bickering. (Reuters)

And just for fun…

  • Maxim reveals “Sexiest Financial News Reporter” in America (Business Insider)

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