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We’re only a week into the new year, but if you’re watching the headlines, nothing really seems all that new. The risk on/risk off trading atmosphere continues into 2012, much to the chagrin of long-term trend followers everywhere. American politics continue down their bizarre and twisted primary season path, as Iowa results extend the Republican game of front-runner-musical-chairs. Economic data continues to be inconsistently mixed, and Europe continues their perpetual soap opera of debt debauchery. In line with this theme of continuation, we press forward with our goal of curating some excellent weekend reads every Friday. Enjoy!

  • In case you missed it, Bill Gross says we’re headed for some paranormal (economic) activity (PIMCO)
  • New SEC rule isn’t a response to Rakoff- just so you know (Business Week)
  • Further to our correlation points earlier this week (here and here if you missed them), Josh Brown goes to the charts (Reformed Broker)
  • Charts, ahoy! Understanding the global economy, one picture at a time (Business Insider)
  • The IKEA Effect in Investing (Abnormal Returns)
  • Tit for tat foreign and economic policy amidst European woes? (WSJ)

And just for fun…

  • You adrenaline seeking traders have nothing on these guys (YouTube)
  • Your definitive guide to date movies (Nerve)

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