Weekend Reads

It’s been a week of conflicted feelings. On one hand, the economic data coming out of Europe actually looks positive for once, and even the statistics being tossed around stateside don’t look awful. On the other hand, the durability of these numbers is yet to be seen, as many of the indicators we’ve come to rely on lose a little bit of traction when the markets continue to swing dramatically. Then there are those new poverty numbers… and they aren’t pretty. But it’s been a long week, so we won’t drag this out any longer. Here are some weekend reads to keep you busy until Monday morning…

  • A new meaning for ‘Risk On’ (Bloomberg)
  • 50 Economic Stats You’re Probably Not Ready to See (Zerohedge)
  • Great curation of content on the late Christopher Hitchens (Reformed Broker)
  • YTD stock market returns by country (Bespoke)

And just for fun…

  • Hey, look- the Home Alone house is for sale! (AOL)
  • This is what happens when you give kids a bad Christmas present (Youtube)

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