Weekend Reads

Another week gone by, and we’re another week closer to the end of a rather volatile year. Markets (for the time being) are moderately optimistic about the solutions coming out of Europe, largely because there’s been at least some form of agreement… even if that agreement may not  be useful in the long-run. Whether this mood holds out through the weekend will likely hinge on whether the S&P  decides to  downgrade our fragile friends across the pond between now and the market’s open on Monday morning. Until then, here are some weekend reads for your general perusal and enjoyment:

  • Fractals, Investing and Pretty Pictures (Business Insider)
  • The Case for Bull, Bear and Secular Markets (Zerohedge)
  • Corzine may plead plausible deniability, but MF Global Clients are getting some money back (Business Week)
  • Disagreement between investors and analysts on the value of the EU Summit (WSJ)

And just for fun…

  • The Top Ten Numbers of 2011 (Time)
  • How NOT to Get a Second Date: Lessons from an Investment Manager (HuffPo)


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