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Just when we thought all hope was lost… the markets found a knock-off version in the shape of a coordinated Central Bank liquidity gift, all neatly wrapped with holiday cheer. In the meantime, we ignored the fact that this Central Bank gift was a mere stopgap to the real problems in Europe. Jon Corzine got issued a subpoena, though we’re assuming he’ll take the fifth, and MF Global clients are still struggling against the system to set things right. The good news? Unemployment numbers dropped as the private sector added jobs, and consumer confidence is rising. Will the end of the year bring season’s tidings for investors, or holiday blues? Time will tell, but in the meantime, pass the time with some of what we’re reading heading into the weekend:

  • We’re suckers for commodity charts (BespokeInvest)
  • What 7 billion people looks like (Fathom)
  • Why the unemployment news may be better than the headlines suggest (Economix) along with a reasoning for why it may be worse (Brad Delong)
  • Animated entrepreneur finance (Infectious Greed)

And just for fun…

  • 56 of the worst similes ever written by high school students (House of Figs)

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