Weekend Reads

It’s Friday, but we’re beginning to feel like a broken record on these Weekend Read posts. The same problems are plaguing the markets, including Europe and the U.S. as they grapple for a way to set things right, but the soundtrack to the ongoing debates has become the Occupy movements, as they’ve spread across the U.S. and other locations throughout the world. While we wait for some kind of resolution to be reached on, well, any front, here are some weekend reads to keep you sane:

  • Current crisis to be the worst ever? (BBC)
  • Now THAT was a trade- Steve Jobs turned millions into billions with Pixar (AppleMatters)
  • Volatility killed the IPO Star (Motley Fool)
  • Gearing up for an interest rate time bomb with Operation Twist? (IBT)
Just for fun…
  • ’85 Bears FINALLY get the White House (Trib)
  • Want to overdose on cuteness? (Youtube)

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