Weekend Reads

Stocks may be touting a banner week, with headlines indicating the “second-best” performance in a year, but behind the scenes, the news isn’t great. U.S. retail numbers were not very strong, with July’s numbers revised downward, and though Europe seems to be bolstering confidence by promising they’ve found a solution, more and more analysts believe that their faith in Greece’s bailout will work in the end is borderline delusional. Enough of the doom and gloom, though- it’s the weekend! Enjoy these reads on us:

  • Buying Tomorrow- Risk, Speculation and Seeking the Divine (Lapham’s Quarterly)
  • Spam and High-Frequency Trading (FTAlphaville)
  • Delta One Desks- How we got to UBS and the Rogue Trader (NYT)
  • Correlation within stocks is here to stay- get used to it. (The Reformed Broker)
And just for fun…
  • Nasa discovers first planet with two suns (Mashable)
  • Movie re-enactment not as funny to law enforcement (Inquisitr)

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