Weekend Reads

Another August is on the books, and it was ugly. Really, really ugly. With a gigantic struggle between Bears and Bulls in this volatile market, we on the managed futures side are merely watching in amusement and solidifying our Labor Day Weekend plans (see holiday trading hours here). Enjoy your cookouts and relaxation with some fantastic weekend reads:

  • Here comes Hurricane Katia, the ‘K’ storm name replacing Katrina when it was retired in 2005 (Wunderground)
  • The debt problem nobody is talking about…   (Yahoo!)
  • Hedge Funds lose in August alongside the stock market (are they alteratives?) (FINAlternatives)
  • Aaannnddd… we’re suing the banks (NYT)
  • Can bonds be a safe haven in their current state? (Above the Market)
And just for fun…

  • Mark Cuban, On the Record (Ritholtz)
  • Snakes on a Plane? Nope, this is better. Eat your heart out, Samuel L. Jackson… (Reuters)

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