Weekend Reads

What a week. You’ve got Buffett bailing out Bank of America. Earthquake rocks the East coast. Hurricane is about to flatten the same area. Bernanke talks a lot without saying anything, delaying any QE3 announcements until September. If you’ve been struggling to keep up- no worries. We’ve compiled some of the best reads on the web for your weekend perusal.

BAC Bailout

  • Buffett makes $357 million in one day on paper with BAC (CNN Money)
  • Generous Uncle Warren? Not so fast (Forbes)
  • Was the loan political? (Bloomberg)


  • Hurricane Irene is no cheap date (NYT)
  • Earthquake a wake-up call for Eastern states (CNN)
  • Keep tabs on Irene with hurricane master Jeff Masters (Weather Underground)

Jackson Hole

And because this is heavy stuff, a hefty dose of just for fun…

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