Weekend Reads

The weekend is upon us, and ushered in by yet another dismal jobs report – which shot stocks down from their ascent into the stratosphere. Speaking of space, how about the rocket scientists joining the ranks of the unemployed from NASA? Time will tell whether our space programs will stay grounded forever, but right now, we’re hoping our blog ranking will launch. Take a minute to vote up the Attain Capital Managed Futures Blog in the Financial Blog Rankings if you like what we write. It only takes a minute (no registration or personal information required), and you can do so here: http://bit.ly/mTnQxd

After you’ve done that, relax and prepare for the weekend with some of what we were reading this week:

  • Dismal Job Report Sees Surge in Treasuries (Bloomberg)
  • Regulators Unintentional Effect on Markets (SFO Mag)
  • Crude Oil futures see wild ride – bezerk algo to blame? (ZeroHedge) & Interesting thoughts on HFT- What’s your opinion on its use in futures trading? (Alphaville)
  • Anyone starting to worry about the Tbills in their futures account yet?  America’s Debt Ceiling: The Mother Of All Tail Risks (Economist)
  • The Working World in pretty colors (Ritholtz)

And just for fun…

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