Managed Futures Spotlight: Quantum Leap Capital

This week’s managed futures spotlight belongs to none other than Quantum Leap Capital. It is not often you meet a CTA from Mexico- never mind a CTA that also built a world class visual effects studio (also in Mexico) that won an Oscar for its work on the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Today, we introduce you to Quantum Leap Capital, a short term managed futures program founded by Mr. Alejandro Diego of Chapultepec, Mexico – who is the only CTA we know of that hails from Mexico.

Who is the Manager?

Mr. Diego has taken the path less traveled in his journey to becoming a commodity trading advisor. Armed with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rice University in Houston, Mr. Diego traveled to Stuggart, Germany to work for Daimler-Benz as an intern in their research and development division.  Alejandro’s mother is of German descent and he had a keen interest in visiting her homeland after school. During his time at Daimler, Mr. Diego had his first exposure to computer graphics systems that were used to aid in engine and car design, as well as water-cooled supercomputers to process all the design specifications.

That’s really only the tip of the iceberg. Click here to read the whole piece:

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