Weekend Reads

Germany is backing off of Greece, which means we may see a slow down to the burgeoning Eurozone debt crisis. The problem is, even if a deal gets pushed through, odds are Greece will never actually be able to pay off their debt. The Dow Jones has broken its losing streak, but the Nasdaq continues down and odds aren’t great for a larger stock recovery. US CPI is at the highest it’s been since 2008. Looking for good news now? Well, we’ve got some awesome weekend reads lined up for you:

  • Dodd-Frank rule implementation probably a very long way off (NYT)
  • People are finally realizing that the commodity ETF market may be a little oversold (Index Universe)
  • Screencast: When commodities are financialized, managed futures win (Abnormal Returns)
  • Extreme Bank Regulation is the reason the economy sucks? Hmm… (Business Insider)
Just for fun…
  • How to tell if your website idea is worth pursuing (Chart Porn)

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