Weekend Reads

The weather may have warmed up this week, but stocks turned frosty as they took a plunge. Commodities continued their up and down performance while rumors began to swirl about the inevitability of QE3 in the face of a worsening European debt crisis. And how about that debt ceiling? The chaos will continue over the weekend in our absence, but until Monday, enjoy some salacious weekend reads:

  • CTAs and hedge funds struggle in May  (HedgeWorld)
  • John Paulson loses half a billion in less than 24 hours  (ZeroHedge)
  • 75% downside for commodities if China slowsdown? (Bloomberg)
  • 44% of Americans will never put money into the stock market again (Time)
And just for fun…

  • Where does your income fall? (Ritholtz)
  • We beat the French at wine drinking! (Time)

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