Special Reads Post: Bin Laden’s Death

The major event dominating news coverage today is death of Osama Bin Laden at American hands. The markets don’t seem to be responding as much as might have been predicted, so we’ll reserve judgment on its impact for a later date. While politics and warfare are not our areas of expertise, it’s still a momentous day, and there has been some excellent coverage of the issue. Check out these excellent reads on the subject:

What Happened

Reflections on its Meaning

  • How Obama’s reaction will impact the legacy of the struggle (Slate)
  • A long overdue reckoning comes to fruition (Ritholtz)
  • What do peace dividends look like, and will they come around? (Reformed Broker)
  • A threat, even in death? (San Francisco Gate)

  • The social media response to his death by the numbers (NYT)
  • The neuroscience behind celebrating Bin Laden’s death (WSJ)
  • Hitler announced dead on the same day in history (TIME)

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